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RDMS Systems > RDMS.Lab > Area 2 - Labitems management

Lab items and expenses management area is designed to get in one place all information related to lab resources (physical and non-physical), their orders and requests, preparations (preps), and finally places where particular orders, preps and aliquots are stored. Possibility to search by keywords and barcodes through all lab items and expenses, orders, requestes preps and storage places allows to find quickly necessary information.

The Labitems module contains general information about all material stuff in the lab (like plasmid, strains and cell lines, enzymes etc.). Labitems Orders, Preps and Aliquots modules are dedicated to resources and information flow. Here the information about individual orders, preps and aliquots of particular labitem is stored including barcodes (in currect version visualization of only Code 128 type is supported). For each prep and aliquot it is also possible to specify consumptions - how many units has been used and for what purpose. In this way system allows to treck how many units of prep or aliquot are left and when it is time to take care about new prepareation.

The Labitems Storage Places module contains information about organization of storage places (like -80°C or -20°C freezers) including all drawers, racks, boxes etc. Each storage place could be barcoded (in currect version visualization of only Code 128 type is supported). Each individual order, prep or aliquot could be allocated to the defined storage place so it could be easterly found later in the System.

The Labexpenses module contains general information about all non-material items in the lab (like trips, repair applications etc.). Infomation about costs of these non-material items is stored in the records in Labexpense requests module.