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All-in-one solution for efficient management of application process and granted money!

Based on the kernel of the RDMS.Lab the eApplication (eAntrag) system has been developed to cover all aspects of application process, grant money allocation and budgets analysis, external funding and final reports management.
- application preparation and submission by applicant;
Electronic submission of the information about all requested money assigned to different categories and of all required documents.
- application reviewing and evaluation by internal and external reviews;
Related to the reviewing process communication between applicant and reviewer is carried on in the system on anonymous basis, evaluation formular is fulfilled electronically.
- applicant interviewing by interviewer;
Evaluation formular is fulfilled electronically.
- overview of submitted applications by selection commission members;
All applications submitted for the commission session could be viewed by commission members directly in the system that exclude any paper work. At the same time, if necessary, system helps coordinator to prepare paper "hard copy" applications summary for commission session.
- allocation of granted money for each application;
After commission decision for application the grant could be assigned specifying amount of granted money.
- information about external funding received by applicants;
System allows applicant/coordinator to add information external funding raised by applicant. That allows to analyze how efficient were different funding programs - how granted to applicants money helped then to develop their project and career by attracting external funding.
- electronic midterm and final reports;
To evaluate funded project system has possibility for applicants to electronically submit midterm and final reports.
eAntrag system has additional functionality of developed to help coordinator:
- advanced email notification routine to minimize amount of email to be sent by coordinator;
System sends email notification on many actions - notification of applicant on new application started by coordinator, invitation of reviewers and interviewers, copies of all communication between applicant and review upon reviewing process, automatic reminders to applicants, reviewers and interviewers about submission deadlines and applicants about midterm and final report submission deadlines.
- organization of funding programs related symposiums and conferences;
System has modules for organization of symposiums and conferences on which applicants could present results of their funded project. Abstract and all required documents could be submitted electronically in the system. Participants of symposiums and conferences would be reminded automatically per email about deadlines for abstracts and presentations submission.
- comprehensive statistics and budgets analysis;
System has modules to analyze statistics on applications, reviewers and interviewers, allocated grants, external funding and final reports. It is possible to make detailed analysis of budgets by different sets of criteria and time periods, for example, how much money granted has been granted in particular funding program to female applicants in year 2015.

Development stage: v2 stable, v3 in development.
Production stage: v1 since Apr 2014 and v2 since Apr 2015 (4 funding organizations in Uni Bonn).