I have been working since 2003 as a postdoctoral fellow and scientist in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and immunology in different research institutes in Germany.

From the very beginning of my scientific carrier I have always paid a lot of attention to proper organization of my research. The more I advanced in my PostDoc career I became more and more convinced that it was very difficult to carry out reliable high-quality research without standardization, good experiment planning, quality control and accurate and timely recording and reporting. Later I started to become involved in organization of research itself and research related activities, initially at the laboratory level and later at entire institute level.

The proper organization of the research in a small lab, and especially in a large institute/company environment includes not only the implementation of Good Scientific Practice (GSP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) rules in the everyday experimental laboratory work, but the organization and optimization of many routine processes that are crucial for obtaining good and reliable results in the lab (ordering and storage of suppliers, materials and reagents, analysis of expenses and budgeting etc.).

I had the vision to combine both my experience as a researcher, working on the bench side and understanding pros and cons of experimental work, and my IT/informatics skills in data mining and IT systems organization and architectures. The vision led to the development of my own client-server Resources and Data Management System - RDMS.Lab, which covered under one roof all aspects of everyday lab routines, data flows and quality management (ordering, storage and consumption tracking of materials and resources, project management, experiments planning, instruments and equipment booking, animal experiments organization, analysis of all lab expenses, budgeting etc., all that including implementation of electronic documentation and barcoding).

Based on the kernel of the RDMS.Lab system I have developed the eApplication (eAntrag) System - RDMS.eAntrag, which is now used in several funding organizations in Germany to cover entire process of applications preparation, submission, reviewing and evaluation, grants allocation and budget analysis.

The combination of my research, management and IT/bioinformatics skills allows me to work easily at the edge of different research fields, being able to find proper approaches and understanding the needs and requirements of the people at different levels and backgrounds including R&D scientists, IT specialists, service and logistics personal, administration and management.

I have hands-on experience on all stages of information systems planning, development and implementation:
     - Communication with customers, defining strategy and proposing possible solutions;
     - Developing system architecture, technical assignment and specification;
     - Developing beta-version of the systems;
     - Validation and testing of the systems;
     - Implementation of systems;
     - Systems support;
     - Customer feedback collection and its implementation in new versions of systems.