RDMS Systems > RDMS.EvalCore

Solution for evaluation of Core Facilities .

Evaluation of Core Facilities in a form of equipment usage and financial reports provided by Core Facilities managers. Additionally, inventory of all equipment and services.
System main functionality:
   - inventory and management of Core Facilities equipment,
   - inventory and management of Core Facilities services,
   - analysis of equipment usage (time based scheme) and services (project based scheme) efficiency,
   - management and analysis of third-party funding used by Core Facilities,
   - management and analysis of publications Core Facilities contribute to,
   - generation of reports for faculty, university and funding organizations (e.g. DFG).

System reports structure is based on DFG recommendations and specifications.

RDMS.EvalCore System is under development now. Release candidate version of the first generation (v1 RC2) could be requested for test purpose.

Development stage: v1 release candidate 2 (v1 RC2).
Production stage: v1 since Jul 2017 (Medical Faculty, Uni Bonn).