RDMS Systems > RDMS.EvalPub

Solution for complementation and extension of EVALuna Biblio system functionality.

Main limitation of EVALuna that it could provide evaluations ONLY at entire INSTITUTE level. It is not possible to analyze publications and evaluate individual persons.
System main functionality:
   - calculate scores and evaluate INDIVIDUAL PERSONS,
   - calculate scores and evaluate affiliation unit at any complexity level - workgroup, institute, faculty, university,
   - operate on multiple publications scores datasets,
   - simple and convenient comparison in one report of multiple persons and affiliation unitss.

Could be positioned as modern replacement of old EVALuna system.

RDMS.EvalPub System is under development now. Release candidate version of the first generation (v1 RC2) could be requested for test purpose.

Development stage: v1 release candidate 2 (v1 RC2).
Production stage: v1 since Jul 2017 (Medical Faculty, in Uni Bonn).