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RDMS.lab has comprehensive system to set what each user of the system could see/access and do. This system is based on different user roles (admin, moderator and normal user) and positions occupied by the user (director and group leader). All that could be specified in Admin panel.

Admins could see/access and edit/delete any item in the system independent on who is the owner of the item and the access level setting of the item. Beside that admins also have access to Admin panel.
Moderators are powerful users that have admin-like rights (could perform anh actions on all items) in the specified sections, that could be set by admins in Admin panel.
Normal user could only edit/delete the items created by this user (being the owner of the item).

RDMS.lab system designed to handel multi institution and multi workgroup enviroment. Each workgroup is assigned to only one intitute. In the current version of the system each user could be assigned to one workgroup (in the next versions it would be possible to assign user to multiple workgroups).

For each workgroup the group leader should be set and for each institute the director should be set.
Important! Based on role as institute director or group leader user automatically (it is not necessary to set that in Admin panel) has moderator-like rights for all items created/owened by users from institute/workgroup where user set as director or group leader.

For each item in the system it is possible to set one of five access levels, that specify who could see this item. In the current version of the system it is possible to set only one of these access types at ones. In the next versions it would be possible to set simultaneously several access level types.