RDMS Systems > RDMS.Lab > Area 5 - Electronic lab-book

Modules in this area have been created to manage work activities (projects, experiments and tasks) in the lab. Each project could contain as subelements experiments and task, while each experiments could contain as subelements only tasks. For each work activity the respobsible person, start and end time points could be specified.

System also allows to connect to each work activity information about used for this project, experiment or task labitem orders, preps and aliquots, as far as specify how many units (consumptions) of preps or aliquots has been used for the work activity.

It is also possible to connect information about instrument bookings, work protocols and animals used in the work activity. All these connections allow easy tracking of cataloge and LOT numbers of materials and reagents, why and when carried out the experiments and what protocols were used. At the end that allows to do efficient troubleshooting.